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The Hickok Duplex Round Corner Cutter rounds two corners of a pile of material in one stroke. It cuts paper, paperboard, films, leather, and composite materials. Products processed include chipboard for book covers, X-ray film, hosiery inserts, film/foil pouches, spiral notebooks, playing cards, writing pads, etc. An excellent machine for multiple shift, high-production operations.

This machine meets EU requirements. It sets up easily and very rarely needs on-site technical assistance. Most installations use the assistance of our technical staff over the phone if a problem arises.


Pile is placed snugly against rear and left hand guides. Trigger block placed against front of pile, then trigger and button on cabinet activated simultaneously. Right hand head jobs in, squaring paper side to side. Plungers attached to beam clamp pile top to bottom. Material cut by blade and die action. Machine automatically cycles to up position and stops.


  • Direct mechanical drive (no hydraulic leaks).
  • Heavy, durable cast iron construction.
  • Very little maintenance required.
  • Cuts piles up to 6" high.
  • Cycles in less than 1.5 seconds.
  • Cuts radii from 1/8" to 1.25"
  • Diagonal cuts up to 2"
  • Cuts widths up to 18"
  • Rocking feature compensates for guillotine knife draw.
  • Jogging feature squares piles.
  • Single cycle, two-hand operation, heavily guarded for safety.
  • Half cycle capability for quick, accurate set-ups.
  • 3 Models available to handle different cut and pile needs.

The W.O. Hickok Mfg. Co. also manufactures a full line of corner cutters for other customers' needs. A manual Corner Cutter as well as single head for low-production requirements and the automatic corner cutter for very large production. All of these machines incorporate the Hickok-designed dovetail guide that has for almost 60 years established Hickok as the manufacturer of the highest quality corner cutters in the world. The dovetail provides both very high accuracy for cutting and if properly lubricated, many years of reliable service.



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