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I need directions to the Hickok Plant

From Interstate-81 (north or south), Take the Cameron Street Exit. Continue straight through 3 red lights on Cameron St. At the 4th red light (Herr Street) turn right onto Herr and travel 1 block to the J.C. Budding sign, turn right at the sign, the Hickok plant is straight ahead. From Interstate 83, follow the signs to Harrisburg and take the 13th Street Exit. Turn left at the 1st light (Car dealership on corner) travel 1 block to the next red light and turn right (Cameron St). Travel to Herr St and turn left onto Herr. Travel 1 block to the J.C. Budding sign, turn right at the sign, the Hickok plant is straight ahead.

Does Hickok Manufacturing provide custom equipment and machine parts built to customer specifications?

Yes, this has become our specialty in recent years. With our wide-ranging capabilities at the plan, we can provide our customers a quality product in unique and short-notice situations. We currently manufacture numerous items to customer specs, including gearboxes, repair parts for existing machines, machined components for customers' products, and complete sub-assemblies.

What are the Hickok Advantages?

  • INSPECTION AND QUALITY CONTROLS TO MEET YOUR REQUIREMENTS. From incoming raw material through design, manufacturing, assembly, final inspection and shipping.
  • ASSEMBLY OF COMPONENT PARTS AND TESTING. A variety of standard and measurement techniques maintain close tolerances.
  • COMPETITIVE PRICING. We work to keep your costs and ours down.
  • COMPLETE CUSTOMER SERVICE. From initial inquiry through delivery, our front-line, the customer service department, provides rapid response.
  • COMPUTER DIAGNOSTIC SERVICE. Modem hook-ups from your machine to our computer.

What is the Hickok Guarantee?

Quality has been the cornerstone of W.O. Hickok Manufacturing Company since the very beginning. Everyone, from the frontline office workers to management, form engineering to manufacturing, are dedicated to one goal: to do the best possible job every time, the first time.

We are customer oriented. oUr relationship begins in the design stage when customer specifications are reviewed and manufacturing problems considered. Together, we develop acceptance standards and monitoring techniques to assure quality.

It is our policy, our tradition, to achieve excellent quality, while at the same time be mindful of your budget goals. the key is communication, communication between your Hickok representative andy you.



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