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Butler Flying Splicers (Optional)

  • Model 4650-8 handles rolls up to 46" wide, 50" in diameter.
  • Fully automatic splicing.
  • Motorized edge alignment.
  • Automatic coupling, centering, and locking of fresh paper rolls.
  • "Variable Gain" system provides tension control.
  • Microprocessor information system available as an option.
  • Shaft or shaftless paper roll stands are available in place of Butler splicers.

High Speed Ruling Units

  • Heavy, vibration free frames.
  • Dual 5" ink rollers eliminate flying ink and insure uniform ink distribution.
  • Red lines printed flexographically.
  • Blue lines ruled by rubber printers or discs and spacers.
  • Ruling registration adjustments possible while machine running.
  • Central ink systems with pumps and filters.
  • 4" diameter idler rollers for longer bearing life at high speeds.
  • Pneumonically operated decurl stations on each unit.

Pneumatic Slit Perforator (Optional)

  • Air actuated for rapid engaging and uniform pressure on each slit line.
  • Separate perforating heads for each web.
  • Uses standard perforating discs.
  • Four heads supplied for each web; more can be added.

Rotary Punch Drums (Optional)

  • Male - Female punches and dies for highly accurate hole registration.
  • Wide variety of hole sizes and placement configurations.
  • Vacuum waste removal system.

Shear Cut-Off

  • All heavy castings for optimum operation.
  • Shear cut-off system with fixed bed knife.
  • Infeed nip section equipped with air cylinders for rapid threading and uniform cross web pressure.
  • 15 horsepower variable speed motor for smooth starts.
  • Change gear drive system insures accuracy of sheet length.
  • Vacuum box after knife controls leading edge of sheet.

Suction Overlapper

  • Vacuum box underneath tapes provides positive hold down of trailing edge of sheets.
  • Durable conveyor tapes are used exclusively to carry the sheets.
  • Idler rollers are 4" in diameter for increased bearing life and reduced vibration.
  • Stop roller adjustable by gearing for quick paper sheet length changes.
  • Nuclear static eliminator.

Suction Cup Inserters

  • Operate effectively on all types of paper and paperboard.
  • Suction cups on plungers to cope with wavy chipboard.
  • Multiple inserters can be programmed for continuous insertion or various feeding patterns.
  • New design insert tables allow rapid loading.
  • Electronic sensor automatically adjusts pile height.

Pile Extractor (Optional)

  • Allows pile delivery to be unloaded without stopping machine.
  • Independent lowering motor provides extended unloading time.
  • Heavy-duty forks
  • Simple to operate

High Pile Delivery

  • 60" pile height.
  • Independent jogging and platform lowering motors.
  • Platform lowering automatically controlled by electronic sensor.
  • Nuclear static eliminator.

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