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The Hickok F-800 is a two web ruling machine for producing large ruled sheets. With the optional flying splicers, it is a continuous running machine for maximum output of ruled product. It rules both sides of both webs in two colors in two directions. The F-800 is very rugged, durable equipment and can be expected to give dozens of years of service. Also, since it is not directly tied into bindery equipment, the F-800 can be changed over to different products much faster than the fully automatic machines. This feature gives it great versatility with respect to different product applications. Principle product applications include :

  • Loose leaf Filler
  • Wirebound Bood Stock -- (stock for wirebound books complete with covers, backs, and dividers.
  • Legal Pad Stock -- (Two inserters, automatic splicing, and pile extractor)
  • Tablet / Pad Stock -- (multiple inserters and use of easily changeable blue line rollers)

One web of paper is brought from each of the Butler splicing heads to each of the high speed ruling units. At the entry of the ruling units, decurl devices remove paper curls. The webs are then flexographically printed in a cross direction by the rubber covered printing drums and then in the web direction by the blue line rollers. Both blue line and red line registration (top and bottom of web) can be adjusted on the fly. Following ruling, the webs are slit perforated, if desired, then combined before entering the cut-off unit. For certain products, ring holes can be punched with an optional rotary punch drum unit. As the stream of overlapped sheets moves along the conveying section, a gate stops the sheets momentarily at pre-determined counts for inserting covers, backs, or dividers. The sheets with the inserts are carried into the pile delivery, where independent joggers and an automatic lowering platform stack the product into a tightly jogged pile. When the pile reaches the uploading height, the pile extractor forks are brought into the pile delivery unit to catch the oncoming sheets while the completed pile is removed and a fresh pallet put onto the platform. The platform is raised, the pile extractor forks removed, and normal operation continues. Similarly, at the input paper roll end, fresh rolls are loaded into the Butler splicers and threaded into the splicing heads while the machine is running. When the running rolls expire, the new rolls are automatically spliced on, and the operator can reload fresh rolls at his/her convenience while the F-800 continues to run. The inserters are also designed for quick reloading and can be set up for continuous operation by programming multiple inserters when feeding one type of insert. Notice only one human operator can run the machine if there is sufficient help to bring the rolls of paper and inserts to the machine and prepare them for loading/ take away.

MAXIMUM RUNNING SPEED : 1,172 feet per minute (357 m/minute)

WORKING WIDTH : 44.25 inches (112.4 cm) maximum, 24 inches (61 cm) minimum.

See BASIC MACHINE CONFIGURATION ...for F-800 details and picture.

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